What We Do

Web Design

Web design involves extensive client collaboration to create the right visual layout and user interface to make your business successful. When working with our clients to build a successful site, our process takes a lot into consideration:

Understand Your Audience:
We identify your target audience and design the website with their needs and preferences in mind. We will consider many factors, including customer age, gender, interests, and technological proficiency.

Responsive Design:
We employ a mobile-first design strategy, designing for a smartphones and mobile devices first and desktop second. We use custom coding, media queries and flexible grid layouts to achieve responsiveness.

Simplicity and Clarity:
Our designers keep the design clean and uncluttered and use clear and concise language for better user experience. Through communication and understanding with our clients, we know what’ most important to the business and prioritize the most important content and features.

Speaking of user experience, we also create a logical and easy-to-follow navigation structure with clear navigation all the way from menu labels to footers. We also ensure your website is accessible to people with disabilities, with methods such as using alt attributes for images and making certain keyboard navigation is possible.
Visual Hierarchy:
Using visual elements (such as font size, color, and spacing) to emphasize important content helps to create a visual hierarchy for your pages. It guides the user’s attention towards the most crucial elements on each page.  Through this strategic design, you are able to move your customers to the most important aspects of your business.

Color Scheme and Typography:
We are big on brand and brand integrity, so it is crucial to choose a cohesive color scheme that reflects the brand but still ensures readability. Your site will have consistency both online and offline.

Images and Multimedia:
In some cases, using the wrong imagery can bog down a website, so we optimize images for the web to put your business in front of customers fast.  But it’s important that we use the right imagery for your brand and business, so we use multimedia elements judiciously to enhance content without slowing down the site. This is crucial for user retention

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SEO-Friendly Design:
Our designers and programmers are well-versed in SEO and it’s importance to a business’s success.  Implementing proper heading tags, creating descriptive and keyword-rich meta titles and descriptions and using semantic HTML5 elements are just a few things that they do to push you to the top.
Testing and Iteration:
Induo will never launch your site without testing on multiple devices and browsers to ensure the bulk of the site is functional.  We take that data, make any necessary improvements and refine the site before launch.  Once your site is launched, we will be on-call during those critical first hours to ensure everything is functional and beautiful.
In this day and age, site security is crucial.  Our standard policies for security are applied to every site we build and manage.  We implement SSL encryption for secure data transmission, regularly update plugins, themes, and the CMS (Content Management System) to protect against vulnerabilities.
Content Strategy:
With both SEO and UX (user experience) in mind, we plan your content carefully. Content should be engaging, relevant, and regularly updated to ensure your site is consistently appealing to your customers. This is commonly achieved through use of multimedia, like videos and infographics, to convey information effectively.
Call to Action (CTA):
Finally, the key to engagement and success for any site is a clearly defined call to action.  CTA’s are those actions you want users to take (e.g., making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter) and design prominent CTAs and we make it a priority to implement them throughout the site.

We understand that web design is not a one-time task but an ongoing process. Regularly updates to your site to keep up with changing technologies and user expectations is constantly necessary. We stay updated with the latest design trends that can also maintain a modern and appealing look for your site.