Case Study

New Store Openings - All Positions



An electrical sales and supply company was expanding into a new market, with zero brand equity. They needed to hire almost all positions to operate the store.



Induo utilized two channels to complement their hire postings in the market to increase overall awareness of the job openings:

Social Media

  • Target potential hires in the area in and around Boise, ID
  • Direct to careers page


Display marketing

  • Target keywords and websites in relation to open positions in and around the Boise area
  • Direct to careers page


We tracked performance by:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Page visits
  • Button clicks (about-us/careers)
  • Form fill completions
  • Application completions (Silkroad)
  • HR feedback to reconcile


The store filled all open positions within the month, they were able to hit their grand opening deadline, and their job posting page increased over 1000% over the previous month.

  • BIG WIN #1: 429 users on the “See Career Opportunities” button, which was 100+ more than the previous campaign. 
  • BIG WIN #2: Most users to the careers page came from Nampa and Boise, where we promoted the jobs.