Full Service vs. Siloed Specialty:
What's the better agency?

The evolution of advertising agencies has come a long way from the days of Mad Men – when TV was King, and Joe Camel ruled print.

Today, many agencies thrive as specialty service shops, focusing on what they do best, whether it be creative, search marketing, or content creation. Despite the limited services, specialized advertising agencies are highly skilled at what they do. While this provides a focus for their clients, it does present challenges. 

A full-service agency can provide an individualized approach for each of its clients to ensure that the best tactics are initiated and optimized for best results.  Full service means a client can come to their agency with all their goals in mind and feel confident that they can reach their customers, wherever they may be, in whatever capacity is most efficient. In other words, they offer a complete solution.

There are many advantages to using full-service agencies vs specialty shops.

Industry knowledge – your business may be suffering from lack of leads, and you may feel that problem comes from poor SEO, but what if it’s not just SEO but also brand awareness? Agencies that have experience dealing with multiple industries and multiple mediums are likely to see your problem and solution as a whole and deliver that solution in an all-encompassing approach.

Unified strategy and increased frequency – having a multi-media campaign developed under one roof allows for an increased frequency of messages since today’s society are experts in quick-change, short attention consumption. 

Consider this: As you ride down your local interstate, headed home perhaps, you see a message about your local heating and air company.  When you arrive home and sit down to relax and catch up on social media, that same heating, and air company delivers the same message in your Facebook feed. Out of home and social media combination reinforces your consistent messaging with more frequency.

Single point of contact – You will have a designated Account Manager who you can come to with all your questions, concerns, and requests. That person will then coordinate with their qualified team to ensure everything is taken care of, and still falls within your cohesive strategy and goals.

Cost savings – Full-service agencies offer competitive pricing models, and in many cases can “package” services.  Utilizing these options allows companies to use their advertising budgets more effectively. 

On another note, using a full-service agency also helps with cost savings when hiring in-house.  The cost of an agency typically falls within the range of an annual summary and helps reduce benefits costs.

If you are considering an agency, it’s important to understand your needs and their offerings, weigh the pros and cons – and ultimately find one that works for you and has your long-term success in mind. Induo Marketing is founded by people rooted in integrity, hard work, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our drive to succeed extends beyond ourselves to our clients, making Induo Marketing the agency of choice for all businesses.